Arab League: Syria Agrees to Plan to Curb Crackdown
AFP: Yussef al-Ahmad, Syria's ambassador to the Arab League, attends a ministerial meeting at the organization's Cairo headquarters, November 2, 2011.-

The Arab League says the Syrian government has approved a plan to curtail its nearly eight months-long crackdown on dissent.

Details of Arab League’s Plan for Syria:
* The Syrian government agrees to withdraw security forces from the streets.

* Pro-government forces will cease their violent crackdown on demonstrators.

* Syria will release political prisoners arrested in the uprisings.

* The president's representatives will begin talks in Cairo with Syrian opposition groups within two weeks.

* Syria will allow foreign journalists and Arab League officials into the country to monitor the situation.

The Arab League proposal was agreed to during the group's meeting in Cairo Wednesday. It calls for the Syrian government to withdraw security forces from the streets and stop violence by pro-government forces against demonstrators. It also calls on Syria to release political prisoners and begin talks in Cairo with the Syrian opposition within two weeks.

The Arab League representative from Qatar said Wednesday Syria will allow international media and Arab League representatives into the country. Syria had previously restricted or banned outsiders and international media members.

Syrian state news had reported earlier that Syrian authorities and an Arab League ministerial committee had come to terms on a “final document.”

Violence continued in Syria Wednesday with at least 31 deaths. Syrian activists say gunmen killed 11 factory workers Wednesday in the Homs province village of Kfar Laha. Details of the incident were not clear.

Activists also say security forces killed five civilians in and around Homs, a center of the country's uprising.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also says Syrian army deserters killed 15 security forces members during two bomb attacks on convoys in Hama province.

On Friday, the 22-member league sharpened its criticism of Syria after rights activists said Syrian security forces had shot and killed dozens of anti-government protesters as part of a widening crackdown on dissent.

The United Nations says the number of people killed in the seven-month-old uprising has surpassed 3,000. The Syrian government says terrorists have killed hundreds of security personnel during that period.

Meanwhile, thousands of supporters of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad gathered in the northern city of Raqqa to rally for the government. It appeared to be the latest of several state-organized rallies in support of Mr. Assad.

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