Russian PM Defends Parliamentary Vote Over Fraud Allegations
AP: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gestures while a national call-in TV show in Moscow, Russia.-

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has defended the results of the parliamentary elections and rejected allegations of voter fraud.

Speaking during a televised call-in session, Putin said the December 4 vote reflected the views of the people despite the opposition's call for another vote.

The Russian prime minister also said the demonstrations like one held following last week's parliamentary vote are acceptable as long as no laws are broken.

Police reported 20,000 people took to the streets of Moscow last Saturday, and thousands more rallied in other cities across Russia, protesting alleged fraud in parliamentary elections won by Putin's ruling United Russia party.

The elections saw United Russia lose support with a reduced majority in the State Duma.

Leaders of United Russia -- which has dominated Russian politics for more than a decade -- have denied cheating.

Putin said he is proposing that cameras be installed at polling stations for the upcoming presidential election in March.

He is expected to win the election.

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