Victory day promise: “Truth, Love & Peace for All”

Today, December 16th, is Bangladesh Independence Day. December 16th is the unique and pride day for our nation. In this day we became an independent nation. The dream of Bangladesh became a reality after a long and bitter struggle and after an incalculable price. Almost three million people were killed. A large section of the intellectual community of Bangladesh was murdered. Numerous women were tortured, raped and killed. Hundred million people suffered. It is the very high cost Victory.

Let us promise in this victory day: Truth, Love & Peace for All.

We will say truth; we will fight for Truth that will help to reduce crime and corruptions and we will feel proud.

We will love each other, we will love all human, there will be no difference between poor or rich, no difference between black or white. We all equal. We will not hurt anyone. We will care others rights.

Truth and love will bring Peace for all.

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