Refrain from unethical competition: Atiur asks banks
Photo: Bangladesh Bank (file)-

Dhaka, Dec 26 - Bangladesh Bank governor Dr Atiur Rahman on
Monday said the banks will have to refrain from unethical competition
and disorderly behaviour in the banking sector because it might
create instability in the financial system.

He said the banks must have a ‘contingency plan’ to face the risks
that might create instability in the financial system.

The central bank chief also advised the banks to properly abide by
the ‘core risk guidelines’ to ensure financial stability in the
banking sector.

He was speaking at a bankers’ meeting held at the central bank
conference room.

Bangladesh Bank deputy governors M Nazrul Huda, Ziaul Hasan Siddiqui,
Murshid Kuli Khan and M Abul Quasem, senior consultant and adviser to
the governor Allah Malik Kazemi and senior officials of the central
bank and commercial banks were present.

The financial stability report of the Bangladesh Bank, the first of
its kind in the central bank’s history, was unveiled at the meeting.

The report contained the key trends of the country’s financial system
and evaluation of the impacts on financial stability.

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