UN adopts PM’s proposal on people’s empowerment
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Dhaka, Dec 26 - The United Nations General Assembly adopted
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s proposal on `People’s Empowerment’ in
the form of a resolution on December 22, the Foreign Ministry here
said today (Monday).

The Prime Minister made the proposal at the last UN General Assembly
session in New York.

On November 22, the UN Economic and Development Council at its second
committee meeting unanimously adopted the resolution.

The Foreign Ministry said the Prime Minister had prepared the
proposal based on her 40 years of experience in politics.

The proposal envisaged the ways of people’s empowerment, removal of
discrepancy, development of human resources, women development and
prevention of terrorism.

The Foreign Minister would request the high political level of
different countries to implement the UN resolution based on the Prime
Minister’s proposal.

The Foreign Ministry said Bangladesh will host an international
conference in Dhaka on the Prime Minister’s proposed model on
`Empowerment of the People’.

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