LDP urge President to restore CG system before formation of new EC

Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Tuesday  urged President Zillur Rahman to take steps to restore the caretaker  government system by canceling the 15th amendment of constitution before the formation of new Election Commission. “We told the President that it is essential to restore the caretaker government
system before the formation of new Election Commission to strengthen
the country’s democracy,”

LDP President Col (retd) Oli Ahmed told reporters at Bangabhaban after taking part in dialogue with the President A nine-member LDP delegation, led by Oli Ahmed, held discussion with the President and placed a 12-point demand before him. Oli Ahmed said they have also requested the President to take
measures to ensure human rights in the country, putting an end to disappearances and political killings as well as halting harassment
and oppression of, and new cases against opposition leaders and
activists. He also urged the President to formulate necessary rules
on appointing people to the Election Commission, Anti-Corruption
Commission and Public Service Commission as well as Judges in the
High Court by forming a strong commission to ensure transparency,
accountability and acceptability to all political parties and
people. The LDP president further requested the President for
measures to stop all sorts of appointment, promotion and posting in
the public administration on political consideration and instead give
priority to merit, qualification and competence. About the 15th
amendment of Constitution, he said that despite the efforts of the
relevant parliamentary standing committee on the 15th amendment of
Constitution, it rather reflected the government’s will. Welcoming
the ongoing dialogues initiated by the President on appointing new
Election Commission, Oli Ahmed he urged the President to consider
their proposals rising above everything else for the welfare of the
country and the people. “We don’t want your post (Presidential
office) to become controversial,” he said. The LDP delegation
included Prof. Jahanara Begum, Dr. Redwan Ahmed, Syed Didar Bakht,
Mahmudur Rahman, Kamal Uddin Mostafa, Zainal Abedin Jehadi, Dr.
Jamirul Akter and Shahadat Hossain Selim. As the President sought
names of the Election Commissioners, LDP President told him that it
would not do any good by giving the names if all other problems are
not resolved.

Earlier, in his brief introductory remarks, President Zillur Rahman
said he called for the dialogue as he wants to take the decision on
appointing the next Election Commission after discussion with the
country’s main political parties. He mentioned that the tenure of
the present Election Commission will expire on February 14 next year
and said that hopefully, such discussions will play important role in
forming the new Election Commission. Secretaries to the President’s
Office were present.

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