Liberation war victim depose against Delwar Hossain Sayedee

Prosecution witness Manik Pashari, a Liberation War victim, told the International Crimes Tribunal Tuesday that the occupation forces along with Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee and his rajakar cohorts had raided his ancestral home and looted valuables and chattel on May 8 in 1971.

“After looting the valuables, including gold ornaments, I saw Sayedee
along with others set ablaze the house by pouring kerosene,” he said
while giving his deposition, recalling the gruesome event.

“When I saw they were marching towards my house, I immediately hid in
a nearby bush from where I witnessed the entire happenings,” said
Manik, the PW 6.

Corroborating the evidence of PW 4 Sultan Ahmed Talukder, he said
that he had also seen the invaders taking his cousin Mofiz and
domestic help Ibrahim alias Kutti, tied with a rope, towards Parerhat
makeshift camp.

“I followed them for a while and took shelter behind a bridge from
where I saw Sayedee engaged in discussion with occupation army,
keeping captured Kutti standing untied. Later, Kutti was forced to go
under the bridge.

“At one stage, I heard gunshots and the scream of Kutti. I also saw
his body was dumped into the river. I promptly left the scene in
fear,” said Manik.

He further said that he came to know that captured Mofiz was detained
in makeshift Rajakar camp. Mofiz was severely tortured there, but
somehow managed to escape and return home with bloodstained body at
about 2 am.

Earlier, the defence lawyers cross-examined PW 5 Mahtab Uddin
Hawlader in presence of war crimes suspect detained Delwar Hossain
Sayedee after giving his testimony before the tribunal.

Corroborating the evidence of other PWs, Mahtab narrated almost
identical facts of the formation of peace committee, followed by
rajakars under the leadership of Jamaat leader Sayedee, who had
engaged in looting, arson, rape, killing and handing over captured
local women to the occupation forces at its makeshift camp at
Rajlaxmi School for their carnal pleasure.

The tribunal resumes on Wednesday.

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