Kamal Mujumder ‘assaults’ TV reporter

A private TV channel reporter was assaulted allegedly by an Awami League MP at Monipur High School in the city's Mirpur on Tuesday.

Aparna Singha, staff reporter of RTV, went to the school in the morning to report on an allegation that the school was charging extra fees for admission.

As local MP Kamal Ahmed Mujumder, also chairman of the school, went
there at about 11:30 am, Aparna sought comments from him about the
‘development fee’. “Instead of making any comment, the MP assaulted
Aparna and snatched the microphone,” Akhter Hossain, joint news
editor of the channel, said.

Aparna was given first aid at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

When contacted, Kamal Ahmed Mujumder denied the allegation and said
he only pushed aside the TV reporter.

Meanwhile, leaders of Dhaka Reporters Unity, Crime Reporters
Association of Bangladesh condemned the incident.

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