Vested quarter out to disrupt democratic process: PM

Dhaka, Jan 7 - Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Saturday said a vested quarter is out to implement their blueprint to disrupt the  country’s democratic process in the name of restoration of caretaker  government system.

“A section of people is very much active and with them the opposition
leader is joining her voice. Let me ask you a question, how you have
become so sure that restoration of caretaker government will ensure
your power in the next election,” she said addressing a function
marking the inauguration of the website of Bangladesh Chhatra League
at her official residence Ganobhaban.

Hasina said the vested quarter who could not materialise their all
agenda during the last caretaker government is now trying hard to do
that this time. “That’s why they’re shouting for the restoration of
the caretaker government system,” she said.

Under the current government, she said, the Election Commission was
working properly and holding all elections with neutrally and freely,
while voters are casting their ballots without hindrance to choose
their favourite candidates.

Mentioning that a section of people who called themselves learned are
trying to take the taste of power although these people do not have
any capacity to come to power through a democratic process. “They’re
greedy and want to grab the state power,” she said.

She criticised the Leader of the Opposition for demanding the
restoration of the caretaker government system saying that when they
(AL) were on a movement seeking a neutral caretaker government,
Khaleda Zia had said “Only mad and children are neutral”.

“Now you’ve found your neutral person,” she said.

Recalling the bad experience during the last caretaker government,
she said, “Don’t you (Khaleda) think that the new caretaker
government might put you in jail again?”

Referring to the Comilla City Corporation election where the
AL-backed candidate got defeated, she said the polls held in the
country in the recent past proved that fair and neutral elections
could be held under a political government. “So, there’s no need for
restoring the caretaker government system.”

She urged the Chhatra League activists to remain alert to foil any
evil design of the vested quarter to discontinue the democratic
process in the country.

The Prime Minister also asked the Chhatra League leaders and
activists to engage themselves in academic activities first. “I want
you all to fare well in your exams and come out with good results,”
she said.

She mentioned that an illiterate leader cannot properly serve the
country as he or she does not have any farsighted vision. “You have
to maintain simple living but high thinking,” she told the BCL

Hasina mentioned that the present government wanted to give the
democratic process a strong footing to ensure a better future for the
people of the country.

Chhatra League president HM Badiuzzaman Shohag and general secretary
Siddiqui Nazmul Alam also spoke on the occasion.

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