Literacy rate to hit cent percent in 2014, hope President, PM

The National Primary Education Week begins on Sunday. The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, the organizer, has chalked out a week-long programme to observe the National Primary Education Week 2012 across the country.

President Mohammad Zillur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina
gave separate messages on the eve of the National Primary Education
Week on Saturday.

Both, President Zillur Rahman and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, said
that the country`s literacy rate will be hundred percent before the
end of the year 2014, a target fixed by the government in `Vision
2021` and also under the millennium development goal.

President Zillur Rahman, in his message said: ``I am delighted to
know that the Primary Education Week-2012 will be observed under the
aegis of the Primary and Mass Education Ministry. I welcome the move.

The government has announced Vision 2021 to build a prosperous
Bangladesh, based on information technology before the country
celebrates the golden jubilee celebration of its independence.

A skilled and well-educated population with technological knowledge
is needed to implement this long term plan.

Under this plan pledges have been made to ensure that all children is
admitted to school after reaching the age of entering school within
2012 and free the country from illiteracy by 2014.

I believe the goals set under the primary education can be achieved
with united and active participation of all.

United and active participation of all people of the country is
needed to reach the millennium development goal and materialize the
`Vision 2021.

I wish all success of the National Primary Education Week 2012.

Khoda Hafez``.

In a similar message, the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also wished
every success of the week, expressing the hope that all children
obtaining age of going to school in 2012 will be admitted to school
before the end of the year and none will remain illiterate in the
country in 2021, the MDG targets set by the government and the
vision, envisioned by herself which she announced in her electoral

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