Bangladesh Links Some Mutineers to Extremist Group

In Bangladesh, the coordinator of investigations into last month's deadly border guard mutiny says there is evidence that a banned Islamist militant group may have been involved.

Commerce Minister Faruk Khan told reporters in the capital, Dhaka, that investigators have discovered that some of the rebellious border guards arrested after the uprising have ties to the outlawed Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), an extremist group that has been blamed for previous terrorist attacks.

Khan is coordinating local and international teams investigating last month's two-day revolt by border guards. The uprising at border patrol headquarters killed more than 70 people, including 56 army officers. Teams from Britain's Scotland Yard and the U.S. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) are in Dhaka to help with the investigation. Police say they have detained the suspected ringleader, Tauhidul Alam, and others for questioning. But authorities continue to search for 1,000 other border guards and their alleged accomplices. The JMB was blamed for a series of bomb blasts in 2005 that killed at least 28 people.

Bangladesh Commerce Minister and Coordinator of the mutiny investigation- Retired Colonel Faruq Khan said JMB militants had links with the February massacre that killed at least 60 Army officers. He told newsmen "not only BDR men were involved in this mutiny, some JMB links have also been found". He said this is a deep rooted conspiracy against Bangladesh.

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