"World's Cheapest Car" Set for Launch Monday

Indian auto giant Tata Motors says it will launch what it claims is the world's cheapest car on Monday.

Tata says the approximately $2,000 Nano will be introduced in India. The four-door Nano is about three meters long, and its width and height are about 1.5 meters each.

The auto company's Web site calls the Nano "The People's Car," and it even features a calendar counting down to Monday's introduction.

Indians and the auto industry have long been looking forward to the launch, which Tata's chair had previously set for last year.

But the economic downturn and production difficulties delayed the launch. Tata had to pull its plant out of West Bengal state in 2008 because of continued opposition to its presence there.

Opposition leaders said local villagers were unfairly compensated for the land that was used to build the Tata factory. by VOA

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