Bangladeshi girls can take advantage of global nursing shortage: Yunus
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“We’ve three doctors per nurse…and globally there’s a huge shortage
of nurses…being trained, anybody can fill up those vacancies,” he
told his audience at a function at Clifford Chance, London on March 8.

Bangladesh struggles with only 23,000 nurses for its population of
145 million while 680,000 registered nurses serve a population of 60
million in the UK, according to available information.

Dr Yunus said the first batch of nurses, brought from Grameen
families, would be graduated from the Grameen Caledonian College of
Nursing (GCCN) this year.

The GCCN, set up in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University,
follows the social business model that prioritises girls’ health and
prosperity as fundamental to ensure the health of future generations
and accelerate economic progress.

On their future plan of chain nursing colleges in the country, Prof
Yunus said, “Since it’s designed as social business, we can now
replicate this…we can create as many nursing colleges as we want
because this one is sustained one.”

He said some of the graduates (nurses) would be sent to Glasgow
Caledonian University to get their master’s degree which will help
address the need of faculty members for the future nursing colleges
in Bangladesh.

About poverty, Prof Yunus said, “It’s not internally generated
phenomena, it’s externally imposed. So, if it’s external, we need to
go back and redesign the system so that nobody remains poor. We can
create the world that we want…we can create the world that we
deserve…the better world, safer world,” he said.

Clifford Chance and the UK chapter of the WAM (Women Advancing
Microfinance) International jointly arranged the event titled
‘Bringing Grameen to the UK: An Audience with Professor Yunus’ in
celebration of the International Women's Day.
Prof Yunus, the micro-credit pioneer, presented his vision on how
microfinance, which has traditionally been associated with the
developing world only, is relevant to developed economies.

Grameen in UK

A structure is being created to bring Grameen to the UK to help
improve the lives of the neediest in the UK, unlock human potentials
and break the cycle of poverty and welfare dependency.

Pockets of poverty and welfare dependency have not changed across the
UK in the last 40 years and 2.6 million people, including 1 million
young people, are unemployed in the UK. Meanwhile, 1 million UK
citizens do not have a bank account.

The two goals of the Grameen UK are to encourage and support
individuals to leave welfare behind, find jobs with a reasonable
income or start their own social business and thereby encourage their
own economic and personal development and that of their family and
their community. And to ensure that Grameen UK branches are
self-sustaining social businesses.

Meanwhile, the Grameen Scotland Foundation has been created to focus
on poverty alleviation and education across the UK through the
introduction and support of microcredit programmes following the
principles developed by Prof Muhammad Yunus and his Grameen

The founding trustees of the Grameen Scotland Foundation are Dr
Martin Cheyne, Prof Pamela Gillies, Principal and Vice Chancellor,
Glasgow Caledonian University and Mark Tennant, Chairman, Scottish
Financial Enterprise.

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