Nasaka denies troop mobilisation along border

It also termed ‘mere a rumour’ the reports of deploying additional forces along the border.

The denial came at the battalion-level flag meeting between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Nasaka at the Sector-6 office of the Myanmar border security force in Maungdaw township.

Commander of BGB Battalion-42 Lt Col M Zahid Hasan led the eight-member Bangladesh team while Deputy Director of Nasaka Sector-6 U Theng Mi the 10-member Myanmar side at the one-hour meeting that started at 11:00am.

The meeting was called to ease tension heightened over the reports of amassing troops by Myanmar along the border. The BGB wrote to Nasaka
on Thursday to convene the meeting.

There are reports that the Myanmar government has deployed troops at different bordering points following the verdict of the International Tribunal for Law of the Sea (ITLOS) that sustained Bangladesh’s claims to a full 200-nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in the Bay of Bengal and to a substantial share of the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) beyond 200 nautical miles.

Lt Col Zahid briefed journalists at the battalion office after returning from the meeting in the afternoon.

He said when they wanted to know about the reports of troop buildup along the border, U Theng Mi denied it.

The Nasaka Deputy Director termed the reports ‘mere a rumour’ saying everything along the border is fine and no situation has arisen which requires troop mobilisation.

He also said they hailed the ITLOS verdict and congratulated Bangladesh upon its victory in the legal battle.

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