Parliament witnesses brief brawl over Ranu’s remark about Hasina

Parliament on Sunday witnessed a noisy quarrel between two backbench women members of Awami League and BNP over a remark by BNP lawmaker Rehana Akhtar Ranu.

It all started when Ranu in her statement on the President’s address said that in 1991 Sheikh Hasina went to former Jamaat ameer Ghulam Azam to seek his blessings by touching his feet.

”No,’’ shouted Awami League member Fazilatunnessa Bappi who was sitting just behind Ranu.

Another BNP member Shammi Akhtar joined in the quarrel with Bappi and both started screaming at each other as they flexed muscles.

At one stage, opposition chief whip Joynul Abdin Farroque and chief whip Abdus Shaheed left their seats and rushed to the quarrelling women members to pacify them.

Some other MPs also tried to calm down the situation.

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