Sher-e-Bangla Nagar thana comes under attack

Police said they arrested six of the attackers, including Keya Chowdhury, who identified herself as the wife of a Secretary.

The police station came under attack as police arrested Keya’s two children -- Raj and Bristi - following their separate attacks on three people.

Raj and Bristi beat up a motorcyclist after an altercation as his bike hit their private car near Ganobhaban at 4pm. A police sergeant, Shah Alam, was also manhandled by them as he went to quell the situation.

Osman Gani, a reporter of private TV channel RTV, who was passing by the area in his office vehicle, came under attack by the siblings as he tried to know about the matter, police said.

His office camera was also damaged by the attackers, according to the police.

On information, a team of Sher-e-Bangla Nagar thana later arrested the siblings.

Angered by the arrest, Keya Chowdhury along with 20-25 people swooped on the police station and ransacked valuables.

Several policemen, including Ahmed Kabir, inspector (investigation), were injured in the attack.

Contacted, officer-in-Charge of the police station Zakir Hossain Molla said six people, including Keya Chowdhury, were arrested.

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