US Study: No Evidence Healthy Diet Prevents Alzheimer’s

A new U.S. government study says there is not enough evidence to prove that living a healthy lifestyle prevents Alzheimer's disease.

A panel of experts convened by the National Institutes of Health reports that the greatest risk of developing the disease is old age. A certain gene variation in some patients also is a factor.

But the experts say they cannot reach any firm conclusions that the risk of alzheimer's is cut by a healthy diet low in fat and high in fruits and vegetables — along with avoiding cigarettes and alcohol. They say more study is needed, but they also recommend that people live a healthy lifestyle.

One expert says doctors expect “an explosion” of Alzheimer's patients in the next 50 years because people are living longer.

The study appears in the medical journal The Archives of Neurology.


Alzheimer's is an incurable brain disease whose symptoms include confusion, memory loss and behavior problems.

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